Sample Collection Aids

Fe-Col Faeces collection Device

Haemoglobin is a very sensitive molecule, prone to rapid degradation. Therefore, collecting a stool sample with the aim of identifying hidden blood must be done appropriately to ensure the best possible chance of preserving the haemoglobin.

The Fe-Col® faecal collection paper is a biodegradable, flushable, paper loop designed to sit round the toilet seat and catch the stool sample. It enables hands-free collection, while enabling the patient to use the toilet as they would normally.

The paper catches the stool before it touches toilet water, or the bowl as contamination of the stool with toilet cleaners, additives etc. could progress the degradation of haemoglobin in the stool. The paper contains no additives, is made from wood-free material, and is fully flushable. Once the sampling is complete, simply tear the paper at the edges, allowing it, and the stool to fall into the toilet, where is can be safely flushed away.

Offering a hands-free collection paper to support your FIT service will help increase the uptake of the test, and will improve the quality of sample sent to the laboratory.

The Fe-Col collection paper can be used for a range of faecal testing, click the image below to watch how to use Fe-Col for stool sample collection.

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