A New Portal to Ef-FIT-ciency

Author – Emma Boxall, Marketing & Innovations Manager, Alpha Laboratories Ltd.

The impact of the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) on the colorectal cancer referral pathway is well documented. Having a quick and easy-to-use test, that can be directly loaded onto the automated testing platform in the laboratory makes it an ideal solution for triaging the two-week-wait pathway. However, the benefit of FIT has been tempered by the additional workload faced in logistics and sample distribution.

Laboratories and service providers are having to work tirelessly to distribute kits to GPs, Clinics, and Patients, and demand is beginning to outstrip capacity. With that in mind, Alpha Laboratories has worked in conjunction with laboratories to bring you the next phase of FIT evolution that will help ease the logistics burden: The Alpha Portal (TAP).

The Alpha Portal offers:

  • A snap-shot of FIT-Kit stock levels, lot and expiry dates
  • Document proofs and print-ready versions of the kit components
  • Comprehensive product descriptions for each component
  • A traceable ordering system which allows sites to deliver kits to any UK location
  • Order reporting: run reports to highlight demand at each site, and ordering frequency

TAP offers a new perspective on the distribution of sample kits: whether it’s for issuing direct-to-patient, or for larger orders going to GPs or Clinics. It gives the user greater control over the logistics associated with FIT, and facilitates a traceable, efficient, and manageable solution which can be scaled up and down as required.

The Alpha Portal has been shown to significantly improve the workflow of sample distribution in the Laboratory. With Southmead Hospital, Bristol, being one of the first to use TAP, they have reported a substantial improvement in their FIT service:

The portal has greatly improved the FIT service at North Bristol NHS trust. It has freed up time for both lab staff and our busy stores department. Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive with kits usually being delivered within two working days. Previously, issues with the Trust post room and the Royal Mail service meant that deliveries could take up to a week, or even longer to arrive. The weekly report has greatly improved our ability to keep track of how many kits we are sending out to surgeries and how many we are getting back from them!

Southmead Hospital, Bristol

This highlights that TAP works not only for the Laboratory but also benefits the clinical teams too – knowing your return rates, and being able to provide a smooth and efficient testing service, is key to supporting endoscopy resource and reducing waiting times.

To sign up, or for more information please contact: [email protected]