FIT For Patients


Informed Choice

Concerned about their condition, patients want quick answers, with minimal intervention.
With FIT testing they can have access to more information about the symptoms they exhibit and the possible causes for them.

Unfortunately IBS and other benign bowel disorders can exhibit similar symptoms to more serious conditions, such as colorectal cancers.
As a consequence the longer it takes to resolve these concerns the more anxious patients become.

Treated early before it becomes invasive, bowel cancer has a 93% 5 year survival rate.

For Patients, the Benefits of FIT Testing include:

Easier, More Convenient Sample Collection

  • Compared to the traditional card format triple guaiac-based faecal occult blood test, sampling for the HM-JACKarc FIT test is quick and hygienic. Only one faecal sample is required and is collected using a small collection device that is then re-sealed in it’s plastic vial ready for testing.

Rapid Response

  • For most, having a rapid non-invasive faecal test to get a faster diagnosis would be the preferred choice. Using a FIT result, about 40% of patients would be informed that no further follow up is necessary and hence relieved straight away. The remaining 60% would have the option of a prioritised process for colonoscopy and get their treatment solutions started sooner

Risk Management

  •  Invasive procedures are not without risk, and this is true of colonoscopy. 1 in 1,000 patients may suffer a perforated bowel during this procedure, with additional risk of morbidity. So, with a non-invasive alternative now available shouldn’t that be the first choice? Additionally, delay in identifying any abnormal bowel pathology, also carries a higher risk of mortality.

Hence, the ability to identify those at greater risk and then fast track these patients for appropriate colonoscopy and treatment is highly desirable.

You can read more information for patients here.

A FIT Service Designed for Patients

FIT Service ComponentsWhether you are using FIT to assess patients in a screening programme, or investigating symptomatic patients, the entire start-to-finish process requires specialist consideration. Alpha Laboratories can provide a range of products and FIT services to help you develop your programme, tailored to your specific requirements. From faecal collection devices, patient instructions to logistics, our Bowel Cancer Specialists are on hand to help you create the ideal solution to support your patient pathway.

Alpha Laboratories is able to create specific FIT instructions for use (IFU) tailored to your testing service. A localised design can better reach your range of demographics, simplify returns and improve uptake of the test. Customising your IFU will ensure you engage with your target audience more effectively, leading to an increased participation rate and less waste.

Depending on where your samples are being sent (GP practice, testing lab, central processing hub) you may require an innovative packaging solution. Whether your patient samples are sent via the postal service, dropped off at a local GP or clinic, or sent to a main hospital, we can provide a range of solutions to make it simpler for all parties involved.

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PLEASE NOTE: The information on this site is primarily designed for use by healthcare professionals rather than the general public. Similarly the products are not suitable for personal purchase. If you have any concerns about Faecal Immunochemical Testing and related conditions, please speak to your GP.