HM-JACKarc FIT Analyser


HM-JACKarc Analyser – Fully Automated Instrument

The HM-JACKarc analyser is a compact bench top system that uses Integrated Sphere Latex Turbidimetry to measure faecal haemoglobin concentration using a highly sensitive latex reagent coated with polyclonal antibodies to human haemoglobin.

The instrument has advanced innovative software with touch screen technology, providing a very easy to use interface. There is minimal depth to the programme menus, ensuring quick access to operating screens. The system can be utilised by all grades of staff with minimal training. Different levels of user access authority provide security, so that only advanced users can amend settings etc.

HM-JACKarc has been designed to provide rapid results with maximum convenience for the operator.

The ability to load up to 80 samples at any one time provides walk away capability and enhanced productivity. Additional consumables and samples (up to a total maximum of 80) can be added at any time during the testing process.

HM-JACKarc has a time to first result of just 5.6 minutes with additional results every 18 seconds, generating up to 200 results per hour.

The technology and software ensures that the system can be used in either screening or symptomatic assessment applications, since cut-off concentrations can be selected depending upon requirements.

Watch an Overview of the HM-JACKarc System
HM-JACKarc Loading

Key features of HM-JACKarc FIT System:

  • Fully automated, compact and light bench top unit with touchscreen interface
  • Uses Integrated Sphere Latex Turbidimetry to measure faecal haemoglobin concentration
  • Sensitivity: 7 ng/mL
  • User definable cut-off to differentiate between Symptomatic or Screening use
  • No prozone effect up to 200,000 ng/mL
  • High speed performance: 200 samples/hour
  • Time to first result 5.6 minutes
  • Additional results every 18 seconds
  • Factory set Master curve with local 2 point recalibration
  • Calibrates system to local conditions and reagent combinations
  • Calibration weekly
  • System can store 2 calibration curves
    • Calibration of different lots of latex
    • Same lots with different calibrators

System Specifications:
Analysis Technology Latex Particle Agglutination
Measurement Principles Integrated Spherical Nephelometry (Turbidity)
Time to First Result 5.6 minutes
Sample Capacity 80 samples (8 x 10 position racks)
Calibration (With local correction using a 2 level calibrator) Factory set 7 point curve
Data Output RS232 serial port
Integrated Printer 32- figure thermal printer
Power Supply AC220V +/- 10V
Power Consumption 300 VA
Dimensions H 500mm x W 600mm x D 610mm
Weight 56 Kg