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Getting a FIT Sample from Patient to Laboratory

One of the challenges in clinical diagnostics is the logistics of getting a quality sample from the patient to the laboratory for analysis, to minimise pre-analytical variation.

Fortunately, the introduction of new quantitative faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) methods has vastly improved the method of faecal sample collection. This is an important aspect of the process since the clinical outcomes are dependent on the ability of the method to detect faecal haemoglobin at very low, versus undetectable concentrations.

Using the FIT kit sampling picker, the patient takes a small sample of their fresh stool and immediately places it into a preservative, contained within the FIT sample collection device.

To ensure the laboratory receives the best quality samples, the patient must be provided with the right tools and information to collect the sample correctly.

Based on extensive experience in delivering services for both screening and symptomatic programmes, Alpha Laboratories is able to help support the logistics for providing FIT testing. We can help patients, laboratories and clinicians, by developing complete customised FIT ‘Patient Packs’, that include everything the patient requires to take the sample correctly and return it to the laboratory.

To find out how Alpha Laboratories can help support you in establishing a tailored FIT service, contact our Bowel Cancer Specialists now.

FIT Patient Pack

Logistics for Faecal Immunochemical Testing

FIT Patient Packs article

This article from Leading Edge, our Diagnostics newsletter, details how Alpha Laboratories helps to make the logistics of sample transport, from the patient to the lab, easy and efficient using our custom designed solutions.

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