Complete Patient Packs


Getting a FIT Sample from Patient to Laboratory

Customising your FIT service need not stop at a bespoke instruction leaflet. If your FIT service directly involves Primary Care (the patients are handed the sampling collection device while attending a GP consultation), your service will benefit from Alpha Laboratories’ Complete Patient Packs.

The complete patient packs are bespoke to your service, and may contain: instruction leaflet, sample return envelope, test/laboratory request form, sample collection device, stool collection aid (Fe-Col®), patient information sheets, and/or questionnaire cards – all packaged into a discrete envelope for the Primary Care provider to hand to patient for at-home sample collection.

Instruction Leaflet

A “how-to” guide on the collection of the stool, sampling process, and return of the sample. May contain additional supporting information such as links to helpful websites, contact numbers, and a “what next” section as to the onward pathway.

Return Envelope

The collection device may be posted back to the laboratory or taken back the GP’s surgery for collection by routine laboratory transport.

Test/Laboratory Request Form:

A test request form may be required by the laboratory to process the sample and track result reporting. The GP is sometimes asked a series of questions as to the reason behind the FIT referral, this form can be used to collate the patient information along with the quantitative FIT result.

Sample Collection Aid:

The Fe-Col® collection paper is an innovative sample collection paper, designed to fit around the toilet seat, and allow you to catch the stool sample before it touches the toilet bowl or water. It is a hygienic sample collection method which allows the patient to use the toilet as they would normally. The paper contains no additives, or adhesives, and the edges can simply be torn, allowing the paper and the stool to fall into the toilet for hygienic disposal. The paper is biodegradable and is safe for the sewage system. Find out more about Fe-Col here

Patient Information Sheets:

Depending on the pathway (Rapid Diagnostic Centres, routine GP visit, clinics, etc) you may wish to include a patient information sheet. It may outline in more detail what the test is for, why they have been asked to complete it, and what happens next.

Questionnaire Cards:

Newly started services, or services undergoing changes may wish to receive feedback on their FIT service, not just regarding the test but the pathway. We can help you design a questionnaire card to include with the test return to help gather data on patient feedback.

We can also provide:

  • Small, grip seal bags to mail the sample
  • Padded envelopes for general mailing
  • Freepost, pre-addressed envelopes for ease of use

To find out how Alpha Laboratories can help support you in establishing a tailored FIT service, contact our Bowel Cancer Specialists now.

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