The FIT Revolution – Coming to Your Practice Soon

  • Resource: Reports
  • Date: June 27, 2019

The NICE FIT Study TeamThe NICE FIT Study is a research project in Bowel Cancer Care that has been initiated by the department of Colorectal Surgery at Croydon University Hospital together with RM Partners Accountable Cancer Network in South and West London.
It is the largest study in England investigating whether FIT can be used as a triage tool in primary care to guide referrals for colonoscopy.

The initial aim was to test a minimum of 5500 patients in London, and further patients across the UK to create a robust evidence base that patients, GPs and hospital doctors can use with confidence.

Earlier this year Mr Muti Abulafi, consultant colorectal surgeon and chief investigator at Croydon University Hospital, presented an update at the Royal College of Physicians with some of the interim results from the study. He reported that 12 months on, over 11,000 patients had now been recruited in sites right across England.

This report summarises findings of the study to date.

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