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A New Portal to Ef-FIT-ciency

Author – Emma Boxall, Marketing & Innovations Manager, Alpha Laboratories Ltd. The impact of the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) on the colorectal cancer referral pathway is well documented. Having a quick and easy-to-use test, that can be directly loaded onto the automated testing platform in the laboratory makes it an ideal solution for triaging the

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A Fitting Tribute: Judith Strachan is Presented with the 2022 ACB Foundation Award

Faecal Immunochemical Testing – Past, Present and Future At the ACB UKMedLab22 Scientific Meeting, held at the Royal College of Pathologists in London in November 2022, Judith Strachan was presented with the prestigious Foundation Award. This accolade recognises her services to Clinical Biochemistry and, in particular, her work with the Scottish Bowel Screening Programme (SBoSP).

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Innovative Tayside Testing Programme Wins Global Award

Congratulations to the team from NHS Tayside’s Blood Sciences and Gastroenterology department, who alongside Primary Care colleagues, won the Global Distinction UNIVANTS of Healthcare award for introducing a test to investigate patients visiting their GP with new bowel symptoms. Consultant Clinical Scientist Judith Strachan said: “FIT testing in Tayside has revolutionised the investigation of local

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New FIT Bowel Cancer Test Leads to Screening Rate Rise in Scotland

The new test, called FIT – faecal immunochemical test – was introduced in 2017 and uptake has risen from 55.4% to 63.9%, the first time national uptake has been higher than the standard of 60%. “This report is good news in that we’re seeing a significant rise in screening uptake in the first year since

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Bowel Cancer Screening Could Shed Light on Other Conditions

Bowel cancer testing could indicate whether people are at risk of other health problems, a study of patients in Tayside has suggested. It found when blood is detected in a person’s stool they are at an increased risk of death from other diseases. Having a positive result was significantly associated with increased risk of dying

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Extra! Extra! – Read About the Latest Studies on FIT

Get Your Copy of the New Issue of Focus on FIT. Read about the latest clinical thinking on the adoption of FIT for symptomatic testing and how it fits into the primary and secondary care patient pathways for colorectal disease. Plus get updates on current FIT studies that are gathering evidence for the benefits of

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‘One-stop shops’ Set to Speed Up Cancer Diagnosis

A news article by the BBC on the pilot of ‘one-stop shops’ for cancer diagnosis in patients with unclear symptoms. Cally Palmer, national director for Cancer at NHS England, says the new centres could play a key role in improving diagnosis and treatment. “Early diagnosis is crucial to saving lives and providing peace of mind

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Cancer Research UK launches video showing users in Scotland how to do the Bowel Cancer Screening Test

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