Faecal Immunochemical Testing Videos

FIT in the Symptomatic – Putting Theory into Practice

Watch the presentations made at ACB Focus 2017 by Professor Callum Fraser, Dr Jayne Digby and Sally Benton. This team of experts presented on the use of faecal immunochemical testing

FIT in the Symptomatic – ACB Focus 2017 Q&A

Following workshop held at ACB Focus 2017 on the use of faecal immunochemical testing for detecting colorectal disease there was interactive discussion with the audience. Watch the question and answer

The NICE NG12 Guideline – A FIT Outcome

During ACB Focus 2016 an Industry Sponsored Workshop (ISW) was held by Alpha Laboratories entitled ‘The NICE NG12 Guideline – A FIT Outcome’. This included presentations from Professor Callum Fraser,

FIT Testing – Questions arising from the introduction of NICE NG12 Guideline

This Question and Answer session followed an ISW (Industry Sponsored Workshop) at ACB FOCUS 21 April 2016 entitled ‘NICE NG12 Guideline – A FIT Outcome’. Presentations were given by Prof

New bowel cancer home screening test

This video from Scottish Government describes the new bowel cancer test which simplifies the sample collection process is to be introduced in a bid to increase participation in Scotland’s national