Developing an Evidence Base for NHS England

  • Date: June 12, 2018

We’re working on a way to make FIT as safe as possible, and identify whether it misses cancer in a predictable way

The NICE FIT Study – 6 Months on…

The NICE FIT study was launched through Croydon University Hospital in early 2017, as a diagnostic accuracy study for faecal immunochemical testing (FIT). Following the introduction of NICE DG301 the study has grown significantly in size. After the first pilot, the study, based initially at Croydon University Hospital, was expanded under the direction of chief investigator Mr Muti Abulafi and coinvestigator, Mr Nigel D’Souza. Working with Royal Marsden Partners (RM Partners) the aim is for multi-centre recruitment throughout England.

As one of the largest studies conducted on FIT, Alpha Laboratories’ Senior Product Manager, Matthew Davis, spoke with Mr D’Souza to find out about the latest progress with the NICE FIT Study.

You can find out how the study was designed and how it is progressing.

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