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Bowel Cancer Screening Could Shed Light on Other Conditions

Bowel cancer testing could indicate whether people are at risk of other health problems, a study of patients in Tayside has suggested. It found when blood is detected in a person’s stool they are at an increased risk of death from other diseases. Having a positive result was significantly associated with increased risk of dying

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The Truth about Carbs

In a programme aired by the BBC, Dr Xand van Tulleken investigates carbohydrates and the link between certain types of carbohydrate and obesity, diabetes, and bowel cancer. He explains the impact of some carbs on the bowel and discusses reasons why these carbs are thought to be linked to an increased risk of bowel cancer.

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Extra! Extra! – Read About the Latest Studies on FIT

Get Your Copy of the New Issue of Focus on FIT. Read about the latest clinical thinking on the adoption of FIT for symptomatic testing and how it fits into the primary and secondary care patient pathways for colorectal disease. Plus get updates on current FIT studies that are gathering evidence for the benefits of

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FIT Bowel Cancer Screening

Plans Announced for FIT Testing to Roll Out in England this Year

The Minister for Cancer, Steve Brine MP, announced plans to begin the roll out of the new bowel cancer screening test in autumn 2018 in England in a debate about bowel cancer screening in the Houses of Parliament. “The new screening test is a game-changer for bowel cancer. It has the potential to detect thousands

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The latest update on the NICE FIT study

The NICE FIT study, in collaboration with RM Partners, is a diagnostic accuracy study designed to evaluate the use of faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) in diverse populations. Now with 24 sites recruiting nationally in total, this newsletter provides updates on how the study is progressing. Click the image to read more.

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George Alagiah: Better screening ‘might have caught cancer’

BBC news presenter George Alagiah says his bowel cancer could have been caught earlier if the screening programme in England was the same as in Scotland. The 62-year-old was first treated in April 2014 and returned to screen after 18 months, but he confirmed the stage four cancer had come back in 2017. Screening is

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‘One-stop shops’ Set to Speed Up Cancer Diagnosis

A news article by the BBC on the pilot of ‘one-stop shops’ for cancer diagnosis in patients with unclear symptoms. Cally Palmer, national director for Cancer at NHS England, says the new centres could play a key role in improving diagnosis and treatment. “Early diagnosis is crucial to saving lives and providing peace of mind

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Engaging Primary Care in Bowel Screening

GP Good Practice Guide – Scotland Version Cancer Research UK has a wealth of information surrounding faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) and its recent implementation in the Scottish bowel cancer screening programme.  This GP good practice guide on “engaging primary care in bowel screening”, with safety netting advice and a patient pathway, is a very useful

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The sugar-attaching enzyme that defines colon cancer

Researchers have identified an enzyme that is absent in healthy colon tissue but abundant in colon cancer cells, according to a report in the Jan. 26 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. The enzyme appears to drive the conversion of normal colon tissue into cancer by attaching sugar molecules, or glycans, to certain proteins in

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The NICE FIT Study aims to test a minimum of 5500 patients to create a robust evidence base

The NICE FIT Study is a pioneering new research project in Bowel Cancer Care that has been initiated by the department of Colorectal Surgery at Croydon University Hospital and RM Partners Accountable Cancer Network in South and West London. Evidence from studies conducted around the world has suggested that FIT could rule out bowel cancer

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